Montse Gras & Wojciech Ozimek

We are more than fortunate enough to have the Homecierge service for over one year and can’t say enough about how profesional  honest and fast they were and are. Great staff– extremely reliable. We would highly recommend them for any function large or smalll. We just wanted to let you know that all the families we recommended Homecierge were pleased with the efficiency of the staff . The Homecierge are not only professional but they have an incredible instinct and taste. One could never go wrong with their advice or counsel.

Lia Linardos

Wojtek and his very professional team at homecierge have been a blessing for the area, especially for the expat community who rely on his efficiency, creativity, cost-efficient ideas, suggestions and professionalism. Always on time, always with a smile getting the work done. It is this type of innovative individuals who will raise this wonderful city to even greater levels and I am confident that the company will bloom and become a huge success story! Thank you.

Shibani Luthra

Having lived in Warsaw for more than ten years , I didn’t think I needed the services of homecierge . However, I decided to give them a go last year and haven’t looked back. They have helped me right from things like getting my drivers license to dealing with technology issues, getting the car tyres changed , helping with getting electronic items fixed, repairs of furniture and generally connecting me with the right people for various jobs.

They are friendly, polite, prompt and extremely reliable and I am so happy I found them!

Raquel Perez Puig

When I arrived in Warsaw I was struggling getting someone to fix these annoying little things that don’t work in your house or, if I was lucky enough to find out about someone that could help me, I had a hard time communicating since not always they spoke English.
The light came through when I met The Homecierge team. A young motivated team, very professional and serious. I could communicate in English to ensure my message was well understood and if they were not able to fix or provide the service, they were looking for someone to do it. Looking at several providers and deciding together with me which one should do the work. Homecierge made my daily life so much easier, specially when you are in a foreign country and even small things are complicated for you, Homecierge was always there geting a suitable solution for me.
I just moved to Amsterdam and I wish I would have a “Homecierge” here too!

Regina Hutchinson

Dear Homecierge team, I think you are great professionals, always available with famtastic solutions for my problems!! I love you!